Why me…

Of course…I have my own story. My experience with movement and body awareness changed my life. I found a re-connection to my breath, body and spirit that I had lost through decades of being stuck in the same patterns, re-traumatizing myself through old hurts while on the surface staying busy with work deadlines, work trips and rigid expectations I put on myself. My body had shut down from the inside out and my emotions were completely out of balance. I remember clearly, after taking days off of work to allow my body and mind to recover from a simple ‘bad day’, that I had to make changes in order to feel FREEDOM in my life again.

My story is not unlike many others. I went to school, educated at the University of Windsor, graduated with a degree in Dramatic Arts and Psychology with no real plan other than to get a job that could begin paying off my education. I have forever worked in the service sector, always with people. That is my niche and where I know I can make a huge impact.

After graduating I was interested in teaching, but teaching what I did not yet understand fully. I knew at my core I was a teacher, I am made to transfer knowledge and energy and to make people FEEL something in themselves. How does that relate in the REAL WORLD? WHY is that important? These are the questions I asked myself. I went back to college and completed a post graduate certificate in Human Resources Management and graduated with Honours.

I landed a job as a automotive recruiter – chatting with engineers, learning about personalities and after a year I spring boarded from that into my first core HR role. I realized then that training & development was so similar to teaching that there had to be something in it for me. Within a short span, working under a dedicated mentor, I had cultivated a skilled ability to deliver effective training programs and build strong relationships with key leaders at various levels.

Early in my career I was hungry to be more effective. That was all I focused on. I completed the core coaching curriculum with The Coaches Training Institute and the Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching. This increased my effectiveness in relating to people to help them achieve goals.

I felt that I was learning all the right things and yet there was still a longing for more. After all this coaching, I of course was transforming as much as I wanted to transform others. I was beginning to notice my body again, noticing the hurt, noticing the pain and being very present to it, wanting to go deeper into it. The numbness left and I wanted to FEEL again. Supporting my personal journey I enrolled in a year long yoga training program through Moksha Yoga International and since then have earned teaching certificates to teach Moksha Yoga and Moksha Flow. Among the list of memorable credits in my teaching comes the completion of a 6 month leadership development program through Landmark Education, an mind blowing experience that really changed my perspective on what is possible about every. single. thing. Let’s chat about it sometime 😉

I am a lifelong learner continuously seeking knowledge to transmute and share with others. I have been living my life in compartments offering my value to this lifestyle and the other. BE FREE allows me to fuse the these lifestyles and bring the best value to both!