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Imesia is an incredible force. I had the great privilege of serving as the manager of the training team, on which Imesia serves as coach and facilitator. Frankly, I have mentored and managed at least 30 teachers and coaches, but no one has the ability of being incredibly present in every engagement with every student. In our center, we often serve some of the most vulnerable in our society. Yet, despite these challenges, Imesia’s incredible ability to connect with our clients would result in all our participants eagerly accepting guidance for their professional and personal endeavors. Imesia has this gift to make you feel like you are the most important and valued person in the room, and with that, many of our participants experienced a new sense of confidence to advocate for their lives.

Katina, Training Manager

Imesia is a doggedly determined champion towards to the success of our organization and its people. A leader and advocate for the alignment of behavioral values between all those who she interacts with both professionally and personally. Always anticipating and delivering what is needed, when it is needed by the best Learning and Development resources.

Jim, Director Human Resources

Imesia is a warm, passionate and engaging yogi. Her sessions are incredibly relaxing and harmonious. Imesia would customize the sessions to the audience needs, so no two sessions would be exactly the same! This is what makes Imesia’s instructing style very unique and dynamic! Her corporate yoga sessions allowed our valued associates to rest, rejuvenate and remove distractions which increased their focus and productivity. I love attending her classes and highly recommend her to you!

Vicki, Director Human Resources

Imesia did a lunch n learn on Yoga during our Wellness Week a few years ago.  Out of the 6 years that we’ve done these type of events, Imesia’s session remains a favourite and I still have employees that ask about her.  Even though we were limited in space during the session (there were about 25 of us in a small boardroom), she guided the group through basic yoga poses that we could do to relieve stress, increase flexibility and improve muscle strength.   She also took the time to explain the benefits of yoga on everyday life and wellbeing, especially the importance of breathing.   I highly recommend Imesia and her programs to any company interested in holding a Wellness event.

Shelby, Senior HR Manager


It actually matters if you feel good. Whether you are at work or outside of work – how you feel is directly connected to your output…and it is important to feel creative, whole and free! It’s important to make life FUN.

My work focuses on PEOPLE within organizations because that is where my experience lies, and that is where I can marry my love of yoga, movement and improvisation. I believe that bringing these elements into the workplace will directly effect the productivity of staff, the morale of the individual and the cohesiveness of any team. Those are only a few of the benefits.

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