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Customized and Time Tailored

More than Just a STRETCH Break!

Treat your participants at your next meeting, trade show, conference or training session! 

Get Moving!

Stretching is unlike any other form of exercise. Positive results from practice appear quickly and have a beneficial impact on the environment around you.

  • Meeting Energizer → wake up a sleepy meeting or conference with a burst of energy and a stretch break for your participants! Great to end a keynote or regroup a team after lunch.
  • BE FREE → with Imesia on your property, this is not your typical corporate stretch break. Infusing music, dance, humour and specific stretching techniques, I guide participants to forget about who is watching, enjoy the moment, feel free and playful. The BE FREE sessions reduce stress, calm the mind, challenge and relax the muscles in the shoulders, chest, neck, hips, low back and face….because we smile…ALOT. ♥


Experience Based Lunch and Learn Workshops 

Stress Management using Yoga Therapy

Meditation Techniques to Support Success

Yoga for the Office Sloth

‘What gets you going?’ ∗ Yoga  Teambuilding

Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga with Music  →  quicker pace, high energy music, heart pumping

Restorative Yoga  → use of props like blankets/blocks, low intensity, good for injuries

Yoga for Beginners  → for all types/all bodies, moderate intensity, great for newbies