Roots Movement Retreats


As different as two sisters could be, their journey towards self care, health and healing has many parallels and often overlaps.

This has created an even stronger sister bond with which to share their knowledge of healing tools, techniques and their Jamaican heritage.

Sisters, Imesia & Sheena Ewan, created Roots Movement Retreats to encourage us all to come back to our roots. What makes you – YOU? We all have a story to our lives that has brought us to the present. Sometimes we can let our stories define us, and our stories become the lens through which we view life. Becoming present to that lens and learning to come alive and make conscious choices from your personal place of power is the ROOT we water. 

Take the time to Re-Root.


  • Daily vegetarian breakfast and dinner
  • Double occupancy accommodations
  • Airport shuttles
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Workshops (optional)
  • One 60 minute reiki treatment OR tarot, astrology or energy reading
  • A Raw Redemption welcome package.


Visit Roots Movement Retreats for fees and registration details.