we focus on the whole person as a system. That system plays many parts, and a large part is played at work. 

How are you creating a sustainable SYSTEM of well-being for yourself, your peers, your teams or your organization?

That's where we come in. Our work creates awareness, mindful choice and empowered individuals who are able to speak authentically. We do this by accessing common human behaviours many of us possess when in pursuit of fulfillment and freedom in work and life.

Imesia Ewan and her methods may appear at first unconventional, but the experiential deep dive into your own personal leadership style and its intersection to your well-being journey makes a typical ‘stretch break’, for example, even juicer!

Sheena, OnePeopleTO

Our approach is often multimodal so various methods are offered and can be customized through our workplace & personal development wellness services.

Activities, tools and strategies are supported by 3 pillars

Movement & Mindfulness

Whole Person Approach

Personal Leadership & Mindset 

You have never experienced workplace WELLNESS like this – a mix of movement, mindfulness and self discovery! 


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