I INVITE you to BE FREE…with me.

To MOVE , STRETCH and DANCE and create FREEDOM in your body and mind. 


Stay with me on this…have you ever just wanted to break out into DANCE, a juicy STRETCH or movement for no particular reason?

Maybe that old familiar song comes into your head with the great BEAT…or your job has you sitting all day…or are you experiencing STRESS so constricting your body and mind are screaming…FREE ME?!

Oh Yes? Well then, let’s get freed up.

Imesia Ewan has taken the concept of a typical ‘stretch break’ and made it even juicer!

WHY?? Our body needs to MOVE! Through movement we lubricate our joints, STRENGTHEN muscles and bones, increase the circulation of blood to the tissues and most importantly clear out stagnant energy and SHARPEN your brain!

You have never experienced workplace WELLNESS like this – a mix of challenge, meditation and self discovery! 





Imesia’s BE FREE unique and custom designed stretch breaks, corporate yoga and group meditation classes are born out of years of sitting in offices wondering how she can play more at work.